Tel: 01788 565044 mob: 07961 378418

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Tel: 01788 565044 mob: 07961 378418

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Private Physiotherapy in Rugby

The human body is a delicately balanced piece of machinery and when maintained can bring years of painless service. Sensitive to the onslaught of everyday modern life, it sometimes stops performing as well as it should.

Our highly trained Chartered Physios will assess your problem and identify what has gone wrong. They will discuss and agree your individual plan of treatment to quickly return you to full fitness. This will include advice and exercises (where appropriate) to help you to manage and prevent recurrence of your problem.

Largest Physiotherapy Clinic in Rugby

Rugby Physiotherapy is the largest Physiotherapy Clinic in Rugby, with a team of 5 Chartered Physiotherapists. It has been established for over 12 years and has treated more than 4,000 patients from the Warwickshire area. The practice has expanded during this time and now treats patients at it's 3 physiotherapy clinics in Rugby.

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We treat all of our patients in line with our Quality Policy, which has been reviewed and accredited by BUPA and The Organisation of Physiotherapists in Private Practice (OCPPP). This quality policy meets all of the Physiotherapy Standards and Codes of Conduct laid out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

We are recognised by all major insurance companies and have accounts with many others. In the unlikely event that we do not have an account with your individual insurer, we are usually able to set one up quickly and easily so that your treatment is not delayed.

We have well established relationships with local Hospitals, Doctors and many of the Consultants who practice in Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. We are regularly used by solicitors for insurance claim treatments and also by some of the larger businesses in the area to help their staff return to work quickly following an injury.

Chartered Physiotherapist Team

Rugby Physiotherapy only offers treatments given by Chartered Physiotherapists who are Registered with the Health Professions Council. This is important as it ensures that you will receive the very best treatment, from State Qualified and Certified Physiotherapists.

As Rugby Physiotherapy operates from several clinics with a highly qualified Senior Physiotherapist Team, we can provide you with more flexibility and more choice of appointments than a smaller operation. Quite simply, we have the ability to offer you a choice of venues at a time which suits you. Our size and clinic locations should also give you more confidence of being treated when you want should your plans change.

Being much larger than many "One man practices" means that we also have more experience treating many more conditions and that we are able to offer more services, for example Hydrotherapy, visits and treatments in your own home and treatments in the gym.