Tel: 01788 565044 mob: 07961 378418

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Tel: 01788 565044 mob: 07961 378418

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Our Chartered Physiotherapy Team

We understand that it is important for you to know that you will be treated by a fully competent medical practitioner whenever you seek medical help. That is why ALL of the Physiotherapists at Rugby Physiotherapy are fully qualified, Chartered Physiotherapists and are Registered with the Health Professions Council. This means that they have studied physiotherapy for 3 years or more and have passed State examinations to practice Physiotherapy in the UK. To find out more about the importance of Health Professions Council, consult our FAQ section.

All of our Physiotherapists have worked for (or continue to work for) the NHS and they have passed a rigorous interview process to be selected to work for Rugby Physiotherapy. This ensures that we recruit the very best practitioners to treat our patients.

Many of our Physiotherapists have 15 years or more "hands on" experience giving them the necessary "know how" to bring you to a full recovery as quickly as possible. They are committed to Continuous Professional Development ensuring that they are updated with all of the latest treatment techniques.

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Experience of Physiotherapy Team

Our team can boast of almost 100 years of "post qualification" treatment experience between them. You can therefore be assured that the therapist team at Rugby Physiotherapy have a high level of knowledge and experience to get you back to a full recovery as soon as possible.

Physiotherapists are selected by us for their wealth of post qualification experience. All of our team have completed additional courses to further their physiotherapy knowledge & skills, improving their ability to assess, treat and resolve your individual problem quickly.

Many of the techniques used in Physiotherapy are named after the Physiotherapist or Consultant who pioneered them. Our Physiotherapist team has knowledge and hands on experience with all of the following techniques, together with many others:

  • Maitland Mobilisations
  • Mulligan Nags & Snags
  • McKenzie Treatment & Exercises
  • Cyriax Techniques
  • Bobath Neurology
  • Elvey & Butler Neural Tension Techniques
  • Kaltenborn Mobilisations
  • Accupuncture Techniques
  • Bad Ragaz Hydrotherapy Techniques

As well as being highly skilled clinicians, the team also has a wealth of experience in advisory and management roles gained in the following areas:

  • Head of NHS Physiotherapy Outpatient & Hydrotherapy department
  • Clinical Tutors for Physiotherapy students and newly qualified staff
  • Ergonomic advisors to industry
  • Establishing & lecturing for NHS Back Care at Work initiative
  • British Army Treating practitioner
  • Pitch Physiotherapist for Oldham Men's Rugby League Team
  • British Disabled Triathalon Team Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapist for disabled Ski Club