Appointments and Fees

Physiotherapist Appointments

Making an appointment at Rugby Physio is easy, just call our receptionist on 01788 565044 or 07961 378418. She will ask you a few questions about your condition and your preference for treatment times, and suggest which of our Physiotherapists is best placed to meet your needs.

We can offer both day time and evening appointments to meet your schedule and can usually offer you an appointment within 24 Hours.

There is an answer machine service, in the event that our receptionist is busy. The messages are picked up regularly, so please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Cancellation Policy

We work hard to keep your costs to a minimum at Rugby Physio. In doing so, it means that we have to guarantee your attendance at your appointment and therefore

we do have to charge a full fee for all cancellations unless we receive at least 24 hours notice.

With all of our cancellations we try our best to fill your appointment and if successful we will waive your cancellation fee.

Schedule of Fees

At Rugby Physio we work hard to keep treatment fees as low as possible, whilst at the same time providing a first class, quality Physiotherapy Service.

We have a simple, pricing structure with no hidden extras.

Please contact clinic on 01788 565044 or 07961 378418 for current fees.

Payment Methods

Rugby Physiotherapy and all the Physiotherapists working within the clinic are registered with all major insurance companies including:


as well as many of the other insurers. If you wish to claim on medical insurance, we will be able to invoice your insurance company directly. In order to book an appointment with us, all that we require is that you:

  • Call your insurer to let them know you will be attending physio
  • Check on the status of any excess or limits on your policy
  • Provide us with your insurance company details, Membership number, Group Number, Authorisation Number

When calling your insurance company, you may be asked for the registration details of the clinic and/or the physiotherapist who will be treating you. If needed these can be found in our FAQ section.

Please note that we can only accept cash or cheque if you are paying at time of treatment, as we currently do not have credit/debit card facilities.

Invoices and Receipts

If we have agreed to deal with your medical insurance company, we will invoice them directly at the end of the month. We will only invoice you should it be necessary for you to pay e.g. if there is a policy excess or you have exceeded your physiotherapy allowance.

If you have chosen to pay at time of treatment, we will issue you with an official receipt at the end of the month, for all treatments which you have paid for within that month. This receipt can be used to claim costs back from your medical insurance companies (should you so desire). If you have finished treatment and would like your last receipt before the end of the month, please contact the receptionist who will happily oblige.

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