Free Online Classes

Free Online Classes

Medics say “Stay fit to fight the virus” – BBC News 28th March 2020

To keep you active, we are publishing free online pilates classes and also some home exercise classes for seniors.

We are uploading content to YouTube on a regular basis, so you find something new each time you visit.

These exercises are designed to improve strength, flexibility core activiyty & balance. Remember to always exercise within your own limits and respect all medical advice.

Free online Pilates classes

Our Physiotherapy led online pilates classes cater for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels, which you will be able to follow along to increase your strength, mobility, core activity and balance. As you improve you will be able to use the videos to progress from level to level. The introductory online pilates classes are available below.

Go to our YouTube channel to gain acces to our ever expanding library of free pilates classes.

Contat us if you would be interested in attending one of our Virtual Remote Live Pilates classes.

Free home exercise classes for the seniors

For our senior clients, our Physiotherapists will be leading a series of follow along exercise classes that are performed in sitting and standing (no need to get on the floor for these exercises!). These exercises are aimed at keeping less active individuals fit whilst you may be self isolating in your own home.

Go to our YouTube channel to gain acces to our ever expanding library of free Home Exercise classes for seniors.