Virtual Pilates

Virtual Remote Physio led Pilates Appointments

We understand that getting access to high quality physiotherapy led pilates can be difficult at any time and this may be further complicated due to home isolation at the moment.

We are here to help and can now offer a Virtual Remote pilates appointments either on a 1:1 basis or a group basis with one of our fully qualified and HCPC registered Physiotherapist pilates Instructors.

What is Virtual Remote Pilates

You can sign up for one of our Virtual remote Pilates classes. These are run via video conferencing only, so you will need a computer with a web browser and an email.

One of our Physiotherapist Pilates Instuctors will host a video call with you and other people taking the remote pilates class and lead you through a series of Pilates exercises – just like in one of our normal pilates classes. The Physiotherapist will be able to see you and can interact with you and help correct your technique if needed.

There will be classes for beginner, intermediate & advanced to make sure we cater for all levels.

Making an Appointment

Making an appointment at Rugby Physio is easy, just call our receptionists on 01788 565044 or 07961 378418 or email us at

We will discuss your current pilates level and let you know when the next remote physio led pilates class is scheduled to run.

There is an answer machine service, in the event that our receptionist is busy or unavailable. The messages are picked up regularly and remotely, so please leave a message and we will get back to you.

What is a Virtual Remote 1:1 Pilates

Maybe you (and your family) would like some indiviual pilates tuition, to advance your technique or to iron out some of the basics. If so, why not take advantage of a 1:1 Virtual  Remote Pilates class.

These are run via video conferencing OR Facetime only, so you will need a computer with a web browser and email OR an Apple device. Appointments will be made in the same way as a normal remote consultation, but we will make sure we assign a fully qualified, Physiotherapist Pilates instructor to host your remote session.

One of our Physiotherapist Pilates Instuctors will host a video or Facetime call with you and will:

  • Discuss your pilates needs
  • Review progress since last pilates session
  • Develop a pilates advancement plan with you
  • Demonstrate correct technique when performing the various pilates exercises.
  • Watch you performing your exercises, correcting any issues with technique
  • Provide you with pilates exercise sheets as a reference, showing correct technique (if appropriate)
  • …. and get you on the road to improving your core strength and stability

Free online Classes

To keep you active, we are also publishing free online video pilates classes and home exercises for the elderly..


To get you into the mood we have published some taster sessions on Facebook <Here>

We will be releasing further sessions on youTube for beginner, Intermediate & advanced classes, which you will be able to follow along to increase your exercise and core strength and progress from level to level.

The online pilates videos are now avaible on youTube <Watch here>

Home Exercises

For our elderly patients, our Physiotherapists will be leading a series of follow along exercise class,aimed at keeping you fit whilst you may be self isolating in your own home.

We have released taster sessions on facebook <Here> and will uploading follow along classes on YouTube soon. Watch this space.

Let us know if you would be interested in Virtual Remote Live classes.

Cancellation Policy

Payment is made in advance and we do ask for 24hours notice for any alternations or cancellations. We do understand that this is a difficult time for us all and recognise that you may have to cancel at short notice.

If you do become unwell, please could you call our reception team on 01788 565044 or 07961 378418 and they will re-arrange your appointment and waive the cancellation charge. If you do not contact us, we will have to make a charge for the missed appointment.

Making use of technology

We have 2 methods of holding a virtual pilates appointment:

  1. Video conference through a computer (Group or 1:1 Pilates)
  2. Facetime through an Apple device (1:1 Pilates)

We may also need to send you information via email or post (e.g. exercise sheets), but we will arrange this as part of the call.

1. Computer for Group Pilates (or 1:1 Pilates)

  • Call or email us to book a suitable appointment time and we will send you an email confirmation, which includes a link to the video call.
  • At your appointment time, simply click the link in the email and a video call will start on your web browser. Just wait for your Physiotherapist to join the call.
  • We will also send through some easy, step by step instructions on how to test your system prior to the video call to make sure you are ready.
2. Apple device (1:1 Pilates)

  • Call or email us to book a suitable appointment time and we will send you an email confirmation.
  • At your allotted time, we will call you on Facetime and your Apple device will alert you to an incoming Facetime Call.
  • Simply accept the facetime call on your Apple device.